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Losing weight will save you money

The United States faces an alarming problem with elevated weight. We are quick to blame individuals for eating too much or exercising too little, but in truth, the causes of obesity are more complex and

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Treat your sleep apnea by reducing weight

Doing weight loss surgery is a high-tech treatment for people suffering from sleep apnea. The sleeve gastrectomy procedure that I perform has helped resolve sleep apnea in many patients suffering from

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Do You Know By Losing Weight You Can Cure Type 2 Diabetes?

Yes, many people might be aware of it. There are millions of people who are suffering from diabetes but those who have type 2 diabetes weight loss can help them.

According to the scientist of Newcastle University, this disease is caused due to the accumulation of fat in pancreas so when you lose one gram from your organ will reverse this life-limiting disease and

Q&A session on LapBands, Sleeves, Bypass and The New Balloon option for weight loss.

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Sleeve vs Bypass – Which surgery is better?

The most effective procedure for weight loss and resolution of diseases such diabetes, hypertension and obstructive sleep apnea is the laparoscopic gastric bypass procedure.  So if you are a patient pressed about what procedure to do

Does Weight Loss Surgery Cure Diabetes?

In 2012, an article in NEJM reported that surgical patients had BETTER outcomes compared to medical treatment for patients that were obese and diabetic. The trial was a three-group, randomized, controlled, single-center study involving 150 obese patients, in which the

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