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I needed motivation going into the gym today. That picture came up with to much digging. Wow. Starting my weekend feeling healthy and strong. **edit first picture was October 2014. Not 2015.

Girl you still amaze me! Thanks for some ‘come to Jesus motivation’! We need to get a support group together in Angelo

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Thank you Dr. Alvarez! The second is a little brighter because of the inspiration you helped instill into me! ?

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I’m sure you see so many new patients every week so I’m not sure you’ll remember me from this past Friday, after one consultation but I must Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and putting me at ease about my surgery option. I can’t wait to get started on this journey with you by my side! I know I made the BEST choice in my surgeon!!! Call 210-651-0303

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5star Love the support from not only from Dr. Alvarez but from the whole team they have in their office. I’m glad that I am Dr. Alvarez’ patient. Not only is he awesome as a doc but a great personality too. The whole team in the office are wonderful!!!

July 16, 2015 ·

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I am so Excited to show off My Honey I’m also so Proud of Him for making the best choice for he’s health & are he’s 1st BEFORE & AFTER STARTING WEIGHT >>438<< TODAY’S WEIGHT>>338<< He still has a long way to go but it’s gonna Happen Thank You All for all the Prayers & Love…Love You All…
Also Thank You Jesus For Dr. Allen Alvarez


5star Dr. Alvarez is the “best!” Had my sleeve done on Feb 10 of this year and he rocked it. He treats you like a human being and not a paycheck. I asked him what he did to me because I am feeling so good and he replied. “I PRAYED for you. “ He is a amazing doc and now friend.